Buying an Cheap Electric Bikes

Are you someone who likes riding a bicycle? Are you someone who wishes there was a power button in a bicycle? Do you wish you could travel all around town on your bicycle? Do you wish climbing slopes was a piece of cake on your bicycle? Are you one of those who are fed up of the rising petrol and diesel rates?  Do you consider cycling to be a great exercise?

If the answer to all the above questions is a yes then we have just the product for you. Most of us may have heard about it but may not know too much about it. It’s called an electric bike.


What is an electric bike?
What would you call a normal bike with a motor installed in it? It is called an electric bike. It is also called an E – bike. The motor installed is basically used for propulsion. This e – bikes use rechargeable batteries. The benefit of the motor installed is that riding a bike in hilly areas becomes easy. There are a large number of companies that are offering E – bikes today. One such company is American Electric (

American Electric
American Electric is a company that has been striving to create low cost e – bikes for a number of years now. They have invested a large amount of time and money to bring to the market, bikes that superior in performance and low in cost. Basically they are a dream come true for each and every biker.
Most people consider E – bikes to be a costly investment but if you consider the amount you spend on them over a period of time as compared to what you would  spend on a bike that runs on gas you would probably get a more realistic figure.

These E-bikes are suitable for people who wish to travel short distances. They can easily be a great ride when going for sightseeing or even grocery shopping. You can also use them as an alternate to vehicles that run on gas.

The health benefits provided by these bikes are in numerous.  Another than helping you absorb a whole lot of Vitamin D, they help you exercise irrespective of time constraints and also helps you build balance.

American Electric provides a number of different models of cheap electric bikes. The range starts from 1,699$ and extends to 60,000$ which includes the models that have a whole of customized features. They also offer a number of accessories like bike locks, license plates, helmets, front baskets, emblems, chargers etc. Other than this they also provide customization which involves complete painting of the body of the electric bicycle.

These comes come with a rechargeable and removable SLA battery pack. All you need to do is plug this into an 110v outlet for recharge.
The parts used by American Electric are made in countries like America, China, Japan and Israel. These products are then assembled in USA. There is 5 year warranty on the motor, a 6month warranty on the battery and a 3 year electrical warranty.


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